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Plan your dream wedding in Santorini

Renowned worldwide for its bright and sunny weather, unique volcanic landscape, architectural and folklore attractions and enchanting environment, Santorini offers a magnificent romantic setting chosen by an increasing number of couples as their wedding destination. If you have decided to make Santorini your wedding destination or you would like to renew your marriage vows, please get in touch with us.

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Hotel Nicola's management and staff with their successful experience in organizing such special occasions, look forward to assisting you in planning, coordinating and arranging your wedding ceremony. We can set the date, help you select the services of your preference and handle all the legal and paperwork requirements. We can organize accommodation and excursion arrangements for you and your wedding party. For the accommodation of the newlyweds, we would suggest Ira Hotel. The particular architecture of this hotel and the stylish rooms, are considered ideal for couples. The relatives and the rest of the guest can stay at Nikolas Hotel, which distinguishes for its family atmosphere.